Ultimate guide to Haines Hunter boats

Few Australian trailerboat brands can be rated as iconic as Haines Hunter. Fewer still have the history and heritage.

Founded in Queensland more than half a century ago, Haines Hunter has changed owners and hands numerous times over the years, yet the strength of the brand has always endured.

Over the decades, Haines Hunter has manufactured countless boats and models. Many were destined to fall into obscurity, like the Haines alloy hulls. Others became true classics and remain immensely popular on the used boat market, such as our very own Haines V19 restoration project boat.

Today, new Haines Hunter fishing boats (and a few non-fishing boats) are made in Melbourne, Victoria, at Haines Hunter’s world-class manufacturing facility in Derrimut.

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Haines Hunter history

The history of Haines Hunter extends back more than half a decade, under different owners and in different states. Get the whole story here.

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Guide to used Haines Hunter boats

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Guide to new Haines Hunter boats

The current-model line-up of new Haines Hunter boats covers more than two dozen separate models and variations. Let our guide points you in the right direction.

Our Haines V19R project boat

Classic Haines hulls are incredibly popular among boat restorers. Why? Because they really are that good. Our own V19R is at least 30+ years old.

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