1750HP Mercury Racing engine

Spotlight: Mercury Competition 1750hp Boat Racing Engine

The numbers on the Mercury QC4v 1750hp Competition racing engine are big – nine litres and 1750 horsepower. This is the most powerful engine Mercury Marine has ever produced.

The new sterndrive V8 1750hp marine engine was released at the Miami international Boat Show and Mercury says it’s a racer’s dream, with massive torque delivering race-winning acceleration and top speeds.

The engine features Mercury Racing’s exclusive aluminium four-valve cylinder heads and dual overhead camshaft valvetrain to enhance performance and durability – those 1750 horses gallop out at 6800rpm, helped by new turbochargers boosting the airflow.

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) provides luxury car-like drivability, with one-touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization. Zero Effort Digital controls tell the engine precisely what the driver wants.

The 1750hp Mercury QC4v is close-cooled for more uniform temperature distribution, using a race-proven heat exchanger. Engine oil and glycol in the closed cooling system are routed around the engine via a series of tubes encapsulated in a casting filled with raw water coolant. The heat exchanger provides a higher seawater flow rate for enhanced cooling. Meanwhile, Mercury Racing’s pulse-separated exhaust tuning keeps the turbos spooled up, virtually eliminating throttle lag and low-end torque deficit.

The Propulsion Control Module (PCM) is the brains behind the brawn, continuously adjusting a boost control valve to provide consistent horsepower.

The PCM can also optimise fuel and spark timing independently in each cylinder, enhancing running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability. The use of an independent ignition coil per cylinder helps eliminate sparkplug fouling.

The PCM also drives the exclusive Engine Guardian System that monitors engine functions to forewarn of possible problems that could lead to engine damage. This smart technology not only detects problems and alerts the driver but also processes the data and reduces power to the maximum safe level, allowing you to continue operating but with lower risk of engine damage.

The drive and hydraulic transmission had to be built tough to handle the 1750’s high torque and power, but designed specifically for DTS, the transmission still delivers smooth and consistent shifts. The power is transferred to the water via Mercury Racing Pro Finish five or six-blade CNC sterndrive propellers.

The Mercury Marine 1750HP QC4v also packs a 95-amp charging system, providing plenty of power for your marine electronics.