The NorthCape 28 sportsfisher will be able to take a single 315hp or twin-turbo 380hp Yanmar marine


Originally drawn up for a passionate West Aussie fisherman, the NorthCape 28 still exists only on paper and in the minds of her crafty designers, but this is one boat that’s hard to keep under wraps.

Designed by Bluefix Boatworks in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, the NorthCape 28 is an amazing trailerable game boat that would find itself a welcome home on either side of the Tasman.

Bluefix boatbuilder Brad Rowe has established a name for himself with highly customised sportsfishers such as the NorthCape 34, but this 28-footer sees him apply that same exacting process to a shaft-driven trailerboat. 

Brad explained that by eliminating the leg-on-transom situation, or rebated leg with jack shaft and motor box forward, he was able to do away with access problems, corrosion and servicing issues in hard-to-reach spots and the high servicing costs of running a leg.

“By moving to a shaftdrive train in a tunnel such as this design, you move to a situation where you are doing oil and filter changes only,” he said.

“The tunnel design makes the most of a minimal shaft-angle.

“This gives very good efficiency and conversion of horsepower to thrust, performing well when chasing fish forwards or in reverse.”

A highlight of the NorthCape 28 is her elegant sheer lines leading back to an uncluttered cockpit and under the hull, a deep-vee forefoot moves to a moderate-vee amidships.

The engine bay has been specc’d to take a single 315hp or twin-turbo 380hp Yanmar, either fitting comfortably under the midships deck height and removing the need for an engine box in the cockpit which boasts a 750mm gunwale height.

Fuel capacity is between 600-800lt of diesel, which should provide four to six days of running time offshore and one double berth, plus a single will keep the crew happy overnight.

There’s also a galley, saloon, toilet and shower (not bad for a trailerboat!) and beneath the slick hardtop is a dorade ventilation system, plus engine air-intake set up high.

At 8.5m LOA and a 2.74m beam, this is a whopping trailerboat, but a small keel tapering into the tunnel helps protect the over-engineered running gear and with a simple trailer design, she should roll on and off easily enough, so long as your tow rig is up to the task.

Bluefix Boatworks is currently working on both a NorthCape 40 and a 40 flybridge for Aussie clients, so we’ll be seeing more of these tempting craft real soon.


Northcape 28 specs

TYPE Monohull fibreglass sportsfisher


BEAM 2.74m

DRAFT 0.47m

WEIGHT 3357kg

ENGINE Yanmar 315hp marine diesel engine

DRIVE Shaft drive marine diesel engine in tunnel