Riviera has just endorsed Boating Partnerships, a boat share arrangement service.

Riviera Endorses Boating Partnerships Boat Share

Boat shares in Riviera luxury boats including the 445 SUV and 5000 Sports Yacht are available through syndication with Boating Partnerships.

Riviera has endorsed the arrangement which sees up to six partners share the purchase and monthly maintenance of a brand-new Riviera or Belize motor yacht – ideal for those with a passion for boating but whose time is limited.

Boating Partnerships managing director Tom van Vliet said the program offered many benefits to boaties seeking premium, concierge-style syndication.

“Each partner in a Riviera operated under the Boating Partnerships program enters a tenancy in common and receives a title of ownership in proportion to the share they have purchased, protecting their equity in the yacht,” he said.

Boating Partnerships managing director Tom van Vliet.

“Boating Partnerships agreements are for a period of three years and based on a one-sixth share, where owners will be able to enjoy up to 52 days each year aboard. Owners also have the ability to book additional days that are unreserved within a 48-hour stand-by function.”

Professional crews maintain each Riviera motor yacht in premium condition for the ownership period, with maintenance, slipping and berthing costs shared between the luxury yacht’s owners.

Riviera brand and communications director Stephen Milne said shareholders under a Boating Partnerships arrangement would enjoy the benefits of being part of the network of Riviera owners, as well as aftermarket support from nationwide R Marine Riviera and Belize dealers.