The Hanse 315 has been revamped and is available in different configurations.

Hanse 315

Hanse Yachts is chasing broad appeal with its revamped entry-level sailboat, the Hanse 315. Formerly the 325, the new model features a forepeak cabin available in a number of layouts targeting first-timers, daysailors, families and seniors.

Floor plans aside, the German builder’s design team has been hard at work with architect Judel/Vrolijk in fact tweaking just about all facets of the new yacht from sail plan performance to hull shape … and the list goes on.

 Available with tiller steering or optional twin wheels, the Hanse 315 has the same 31ft6in (9.6m) overall length, waterline and beam as its predecessor, although the 315m hull drops .045m in keeping with the new plumb bow and stern shape for increased speed and performance.

As mentioned there are several changes to the interior accommodation, including the 325’s aft cabin with lengthways double berth now replaced by an athwartships double in the 315. Up front the forepeak cabin can be open plan with the saloon or with a full bulkhead and door. The latter version includes the full double vee-berth with shelf; a shorter children’s berth with seat and standing room; or a starboard single berth with seat and standing room.

Unlike the Hanse 325 with only single-wheel steering, the new Hanse 315 is showing more diversification with standard tiller steering or twin wheels. With a tiller, the mainsheet system relies on a block and cleat to the cockpit sole, while wheels see the sheeting shifting right to the end of boom via a traveller between the wheels. This option frees up the flow of the cockpit for racing and allows the addition of a folding table, plus of course improving mainsail trim.

The new Hanse 315 is available with either tiller or (shown) twin-wheel steering.

Among other changes, Hanse has twigged the sail plan creating what it says is a “well-balanced sail area” which diminishes in total area on the 315 (some 4.35m²) but which now flaunts a more powerful main. Hanse’s ubiquitous self-tacking jib drops 5.4m² to 17.5m² but the main expands to 29.5m2 compared to the 325’s 28.5m². The builder adds the deep 1.85m L-keel enables “extremely reliable control”, while a shallow draught 1.37m option is also available for the 315.

The 315’s boat weight drops half a tonne to 4.7t and now has an 11.8hp engine instead of the 325’s 18hp, but bigger fuel capacity of 160lt for extra range compared to the former’s 90lt.

The Hanse 315 is rated for a crew of four and has standing of 1.91m in the companionway fading to 1.77m in the bow, achieved via a lowered floor keeping the topside superstructure low and streamlined.

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Hanse 315 specs


LENGTH 9.62m overall; 9.1m hull, 8.7m waterline

BEAM 3.35m

DRAFT 1.85m standard; 1.37m optional


BALLAST 1500kg standard; 1650kg optional

FUEL 160lt

WATER 230lt

ENGINE 11.8hp

SAIL AREA 47m² total; mainsail 29.5m²; self-tacking jib 17.5m²