The Corsair Cruze 970 has more space and features than its predecessors.


Corsair Marine has replaced its three-boat Corsair 31 trimaran range with a single-model 32-foot Cruze 970, boasting an increase in space and additional internal features that rival the 37-foot Corsair C37.

The Cruze 970, we’re told, retains the hallmarks of the Corsair 31: speed, performance, safety, reliability and ease of trailering, but also now focuses on people and families by more effectively accommodating the needs of partners, guests and children.

“Nowadays, our customers ask for further comfort and amenities more in line with the Corsair 37, yet available at a smaller budget and compact size,” said Corsair Marine. “Therefore, we took advantage of the trademarks of the C37 and incorporated some of them into a brand-new concept, the Corsair Cruze 970.”

The twin double-berth 970 is slightly longer than the C31 and the deck has been raised creating about 15 per cent more space inside, providing full-standing headroom in the saloon area. The saloon itself has been given a clean, white liner finish, while the galley is larger with more drawers and storage. The forward and aft bunks are longer and wider too, and a separate fully-enclosed toilet has been installed adding nicely to the comfort factor.

The extended cockpit includes a transom mainsheet track facilitating free movement within this section. The raised side-seating (borrowed from the C37) equating to more comfort and visibility.


Corsair Marine evolved the Cruze 970 from the need to modernise the C31. The Vietnamese company, owned by Australia’s Seawind Catamarans, has built more than 300 C31s and regards the tri as a tough and rugged performer. According to the builder, a C31UC sailed around the Arctic Circle in 2010 and became the world’s first sailboat to pass through the North West and North East Passages in a single season.

In terms of sailing performance, Corsair explained the floats have been redesigned and with increase buoyancy give the Cruze 970 greater stability and comfort. The trimaran also features a folding-float system for trailering, while the retractable daggerboard and rudder enable the boat to be pushed up onto the beach on cruising adventures.

Corsair Cruze 970 base-boat price is $US167,299. Visit  and for more information.



TYPE Sailcat

LENGTH 9.7m (overall and waterline)

BEAM 6.88m; 2.55m (folded)

DRAFT 0.45m (hull), 2.1m (dagger board down)

WEIGHT 1814kg (light ship)

WATER 150lt


ENGINE 9.9hp Yamaha four-stroke outboard

SAIL AREA 38.8m² (main); 20.2m² (jib); 41.6m² (screecher); 92.2m² (spinnaker)