Marine Queensland Wants Recreational Boating Rules Changed

Marine Queensland recently issued the following media release.

Marine Queensland has called for a rethink on recreational boating safety requirements in the State. This call follows the release of the annual “Marine Incidents in Queensland” report by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Recreational boating is one of Queensland’s favourite recreational pastimes, with Queensland having the largest recreational fleet in Australia with over 245,000 registered vessels in the State.

Marine Queensland CEO, Don Jones is calling on the Department of Transport for a rethink on a range of measures relating to the safety of recreational boaters including how boat license training is delivered in the State and other related issues, such as an examination of circumstances where the wearing of lifejackets should be compulsory.

“Queensland inshore waters vary dramatically along the Queensland coastline and we should ensure that boating safety remains a priority in the State,” said Jones.
“With the ever increasing popularity of recreational boating in Queensland communities, we should be ensuring that it continues to be a safe, family friendly activity for residents and visitors alike.”

Allstate Boat Licensing Managing Director, Darryl Greentree said: “The loss of seven lives in the last year, whilst down on previous years, is positive; it does show that much more can be done to improve safety on the water.”

“Our goal should be to make recreational boating fatality-free in this State. Ensuring that simple measures are followed, such as wearing lifejackets where appropriate, can have a dramatic impact on the unnecessary loss of life on our waters,” he said.

Marine Queensland Chief Executive, Don Jones is calling on the Department of Transport to commence urgent discussions on the review of boat license training and related safety issues.

“We should be taking all reasonable measures to ensure that Queenslanders favourite recreational pastimes are safe and family friendly”.

YOUR SAY: Do you agree with the position of Marine Queensland? Would you want Queensland's recreational marine safety laws changed, and if so, how?