Bavaria Cruisers announces new Cruiser 56 yacht


German sailboat maker Bavaria has announced its latest and largest yacht, the Cruiser 56 — a new top model to replace the 55 in future. The new 17m flagship of the seven-boat Cruiser portfolio flaunts an innovative design and delivers optimal sailing characteristics, the builder said.

The newly designed hull has extra-wide berths in the aft cabins ensuring comfortable sleeping accommodation throughout, while space is the theme of reconfigurable cockpit around two steering wheels. Meantime, long cockpit bench seats and easily accessible lines allow the Cruiser 56
to be steered while sitting.

Bavaria continued the yacht’s new hull produces maximum sailing performance and despite her size, maintains easy-to-handle characteristics.

Intelligent design solutions and options plus reconfiguration systems and numerous layouts allow the Cruiser 56 to be adapted for all purposes and to suit owners’ individual tastes, we’re told.

The Cruiser 56 is available from an entry-level price of Euro 262,900.

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