Hawkesbury ski zones this weekend

NEWS - Hawkesbury Ski Zones This Weekend

If you're planning a weekend on the Hawkesbury, be aware there are some exclusion zones in force to allow for a ski race meeting this Saturday and Sunday.

It's for the annual Bridge to Bridge, run by the NSW Water Ski Federation.

Maritime Acting Regional Manager Hawkesbury/Broken Bay Hendrik Clasie said boaters should keep clear of the river on Saturday between Sackville Ski Gardens and the Windsor Bridge from 8.00am to 3.00pm, and on Sunday between Dangar Island and the Windsor Bridge from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

“This area will be used exclusively for the safe staging of the 2012 Bridge to Bridge Waterski Races organised by the NSW Water Ski Federation,” Mr Clasie said.

“A transit zone from Brooklyn and Berowra to Mooney Mooney will operate and be controlled by RMS (Roads
and Maritime Services)
vessels who will authorise access of vessel traffic.

“Skippers moving through the transit zone must not exceed four knots and must not produce any wash.“For safety reasons, skippers should avoid the exclusive use areas as they will be restricted for the event and patrolled by RMS vessels.”

“A vessel heading upstream displaying a black and white chequered flag will mark the completion of the race and the lifting of the exclusive use area,” Mr Clasie said.