NEWS — Down Under goes Pacific Northwest

Down Under Goes Pacific Northwest

I take for granted that most of you blokes are familiar with your own Aluminum Boats Australia while those of here Stateside, and unless we’ve visited your wonderful country and are familiar with ABA, know nothing of the company. But if all goes well, we will.

The Aussie-based boatbuilder is now poised to make a deal with the Port of Bellingham, Washington, to lease a manufacturing site on the Fairhaven waterfront.

Shirley McFearin, the port's real estate development manager, released a notice that ABA hopes to set-up shop in a 30,000ft² space that Aluminum Chambered Boats occupied before ceasing operations in November 2010. The Down Under firm would do business in Bellingham as Aluminum Boats America Ltd.

A five-year lease agreement will be discussed at an upcoming meeting. It gives the company 30 days to study the final terms of the deal before it commits, but McFearin said she is confident that the firm will chose Bellingham.

The company builds 80- to 100-foot catamaran-style boats used for tourism and passenger ferries, among other things. It expects to have a workforce of 25 that could be larger if things go well. Thanks mates!

Photo: ABA passenger ferries like the 30.67m Palm Cat could be built in the USA too.

From Trade-a-Boat Issue 426, Apr-May, 2012.