NEW BOATS — Barracuda 27

New Boats - Barracuda 27

The Italian island of Sardinia is famous for a couple of things — the Costa Smeralda (or Emerald Coast) up in the northwest, which was developed by HH the Aga Khan and is now a playground of the uber-rich; and for hosting some of ex-Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s wilder parties — but now the island is looking to make a name for itself as a centre for boatbuilding. Okay, that might be slightly overplaying it, but nevertheless in 2010 three businessmen with a passion for all things nautical set-up a company called Barracuda Yachts with the aim of building a range of runabouts and sportsboats with that typical Italian flair…

Two years on, and the first boat in the range — a 42-footer — is nearing completion. This is no tin-pot operation, though — the 42 was designed by Alberto Mancini, amongst whose credits is the design of the Magnum 100. The result is a curious fusion of the ultra-modern and the classic, with hints that suggest both Riva and riot.

Now the company has unveiled a new model to join the range, which also features a 55-footer at the top end. At 27 feet, the B 27 is conceived as a runabout or a yacht tender, but being fully trailerable it could well have a distinctly broad appeal. It could also serve as a weekender, with a double berth below decks and forward that reaches to the deckhead to create — apparently — a chaise longue, and a separate head compartment. The area is served well with natural light, which comes from both the distinctive long hull windows and an overhead skylight.

This is no occasional camper van, though — the model is offered with a choice of a single sterndrive 300hp Volvo Penta D4, or twin 220hp Volvo Penta D3s giving estimated top speeds of 40kts and 44kts respectively. That’s enough for Berulsconi to make a hasty exit when the press get wind of his next ‘party’…

-Barracuda 27 profile.

-Barracuda 27 interior cutaway.

-Barracuda 27 cabin.

-Barracuda Yachts family.

From Trade-a-Boat Issue 427, Apr-May, 2012.