NEW CATS — Octagon i45

Octagon i45 Boat Review

There’s a lot to be said for the humble catamaran — big social spaces, relative stability, and the fact that you can be farther from your snoring friends than the boat next door. Powercats have never been that common in Euro waters, but they are gaining traction, which is why the new proposed range from German designer/builder company Octagon Yachts looks so interesting.

Displayed at this year’s Dusseldorf boat show and apparently one year in design, the 16.2m i45PC blends interesting functionality with modern looks. First, accommodation is laid out for eight in four double cabins sited in the four corners of the yacht — two in each hull —each featuring a full-size mattress as well as an en suite head and shower compartment. These all spin off from the main saloon area, which takes an unusual step in its layout — a near-circular seating area sits amidships, while the galley is moved aft between opening glass doors to the aft deck, and butted-up against a large glass window on the centreline. The forward part of the main deck features a central help console and seat, with additional control offered on the flybridge.

This area atop the yacht comes in at an impressive 35m², much of it set beneath a hardtop, which can be opened if you really want to enjoy the sun, or gaze at the stars by night. Seating is central and mirrors that in the saloon below, while there is provision for a full bar with grill and fridge up top too.

Construction is based on a monocoque design, with additional carbon reinforcement in the bow areas. There will be a degree of customisation offered to potential clients, and Octagon seems to be making a conscious effort to follow the practice of sustainable building. Beam comes in at 8.4m on a waterline length of 15.6m, and draught is just 0.65m making shallow bays and anchorages a real possibility — a tempting proposition. Octagon has also drawn up plans for a 20m version, dubbed the i66PC.

Photo: The cat’s whiskers: Europe is not really cat country, but there is a growing interest in powercats, with concepts like 16.2m i45PC from builders like Germany’s Octagon Yachts spurring on the imagination.

From Trade-a-Boat Issue 424, Feb-March, 2012