NEW BOATS - <i>Adastra</i> carbon fibre superyacht

NEW BOATS - Adastra carbon fibre superyacht

The magnificent 140ft trimaran Adastra

has departed McConaghy’s Chinese boatbuilding facility ahead of sea trials commencing this month.

The vessel’s Hong Kong owners commissioned the Australian racing yacht manufacturer to build the superyacht designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs.

McConaghy was able to keep the 42.5m superyacht at less than 50-tonne dry through the use of modern materials and custom designing almost all components in-house.

Over 350 craftsmen, engineers and designers based in China and Australia were involved.

Adastra’s superstructure is carbon fibre with a Nomex honeycomb core, and the hull is resin-infused epoxy with E-glass and Kevlar skins over a thermoformed corecell foam core.

A jetty awaits this futuristic vessel at the owners' private island Pulau Joyo, in Indonesia.

Adastra departs McConaghy's Chinese boatbuilding facility.

Renders by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs show Adastra's
designed by Jepsen Designs.

Render by
John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs
showing Adastra at sea.

According to McConaghy, Adastra will be capable of achieving an average speed of 17kts and covering 3500nm on a single tank of fuel (32,000lt long range).

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