NEWS –  New floatplane moorage for Hobart’s waterfront

New floatplane moorage for Hobart's waterfront

Tourists can now enjoy Hobart’s sights by floatplane in greater comfort and convenience, now that construction on Tasmanian Air Adventures landing dock has drawn to a close.

The new pontoon is based in the heart of Hobart’s bustling waterfront at Constitution Dock along Kings Pier, with access also via a new aluminum gangway and gate from Bellingham Marine.

The tourism operator commissioned Perth-based marina construction company Bellingham Marine Australia to develop the L-shape pontoon, leveraging the company’s innovative telescoping pile system it its design.

“The beauty of the telescoping pile for this project was that it provided all the benefits of a pile anchored pontoon system with the added benefit of safer moorage for the floatplane,” said Bellingham Marine General Manager, John Spragg.
“Without the pile protruding above the surface of the pontoon the pilot does not have to worry about the possibility of clipping his wing and damaging the plane.”

Additional features include 500mm freeboard to accommodate easy loading on and off the floatplane and provision for power and water.

Tasmanian Air offers sightseeing tours of Port Arthur and the surrounding Hobart area. The area is known for its historic buildings, natural beauty and dramatic coastline.

As the world's leading marina design-build construction company, Bellingham Marine produces Unifloat concrete floating dock systems as well as timber and metal frame systems. The company also produces Unistack dry stack systems for marinas worldwide.