NEWS — Cargo ship declared seaworthy

NEWS - Cargo ship declared seaworthy

Tuesday, October 25: NSW Maritime today gave the owners of the cargo ship MV Island Trader permission to return their vessel to service. 

The 485-tonne freighter can now resume operations, which involves carrying cargo and essential supplies from Port Macquarie to Lord Howe Island.

NSW Maritime’s approval follows advice from the marine survey classification society, the American Bureau of Shipping, which passed a hull survey following the ship’s grounding last week.

The Island Trader had just unloaded its cargo when it grounded on Monday, October 17 in the lagoon at Lord Howe and was re-floated on the evening high tide one week later.

No oil was spilt during the grounding event, no one was injured and the ship remained structurally sound. The Island Trader is designed and built to operate in shallow water and to rest on the seabed if needed.

A NSW Maritime Marine Investigator arrived on the island and will be assisted by the Harbour Master from Yamba, who is also the Harbour Master for the Island and a Master Mariner, with expert advice. They will look into how and why the vessel grounded and will consider recommendations if needed.


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