NEWS — Coast Radio Adelaide on air next week

News - Coast Radio Adelaide On Air Next Week

The new $1.5 million marine safety communications network Coast Radio Adelaide will be officially switched on next Monday, September 12, providing coverage right across South Australian coastal waters.

Brian Hemming from the SA Department for Transport said the 24/7 VHF network, built by the State Government, is arguably one of the most significant improvements in Marine Safety ever to have been implemented in SA.

“It will be the most robust and extensive marine safety system ever operated in South Australia,” said Hemming.

“This new network operating as Coast Radio Adelaide will provide comprehensive 24/7 VHF coverage of the State’s coastal waters from beyond Fowlers Bay on the far west coast and right across the Victorian border, reaching out between 30 and 50 nautical miles.

“The 14 new remote base stations across the State will also provide coverage of all Gulf waters and water surrounding Kangaroo Island.

“This will provide boaties with a vital safety-net on VHF marine channels 16 and 67, which will be continuously monitored 24 hours a day, every day as of Monday.

“Since December, volunteers at the SA Sea Rescue Squadron have been trialling the new network and the new operator consoles to finalise procedures for this official state-wide rollout in September.

“The new network builds on the work of volunteers who tirelessly monitor the airwaves for boats in distress,” he said.

To ensure 24-hour coverage, Flinders Ports will monitor the network from the hours of 7pm to 7am. Volunteers will continue their dedicated monitoring throughout the day.

All boats — both recreational and commercial vessels — are encouraged to be aware of and use this network if requiring urgent assistance.

Boaties should continue to use channel 16 as the primary channel for distress and safety calls.

Users are reminded to keep 16 clear by calling and switching to a working channel.

The Australian Maritime College produces a Marine VHF Radio operator’s handbook. To view, visit

Please refer to the marine radio page on for details on coverage in South Australia.

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Map: Coast Radio Adelaide network range.