OWNERS RALLIES — Rafting-up with tuna

OWNERS RALLIES - Rafting-up with tuna

A fleet of 12 Rivieras travelled in convoy some 156nm from Adelaide to Port Lincoln for R Marine South Australia’s annual Port Lincoln Experience.

About 60 Riviera owners met for dinner and drinks at the Port Lincoln Hotel on day one of the Experience, giving everyone the chance to meet one another before setting out for Reevesby Island the following day.

For Riviera owner Ian Sargent this was his first R Marine Experience.

“It was just a fabulous trip and the weather was fantastic,” said Sargent.

“I have had my Riviera M400 for three years now and we have only ever taken short day or overnight trips, nothing as far as Port Lincoln, so it’s really opened my eyes to taking our boat farther afield.

“Travelling in convoy and with the excellent support of R Marine SA, gave us more confidence and we had the security of knowing that we have help and advice should anything go wrong along the way.

“Our Riv’ performed beautifully and was very comfortable at 23kts,” he said.

R Marine SA’s service manager, Dee Bueti said travelling in convoy was a great way to give Riviera owners the opportunity to test their boats in the ocean.

“Our Master 5 skipper Tim Arthurson travelled onboard with some of our owners and it also gave the other owners more confidence knowing they had an experienced skipper leading them,” said Bueti.

“About 12 Rivieras rafted-up together at Reevesby Island and we all went ashore for a game of beach cricket and a barbecue.

“Everyone had a great time; it was just a good all-round weekend. A few people went fishing, while others went swimming with the tuna and others just relaxed onboard and enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends, so there was something for everyone,” he said.

Sargent, his wife Kathryn, and his sister Gail and her husband David all went swimming with the tuna.

“I have done a fair bit of diving in my life but the tuna was a fantastic experience. They are so powerful and move extremely quickly in the water, they are like a highly developed machine, they are just amazing,” said Arthurson.

“We also had a fish and caught some whiting and squid; and the dinner at the marina on Sunday night was delicious and very much appreciated,” he said.

Another Riviera owner Glenn Spear said the Port Lincoln Experience was a wonderful weekend.

“It was well organised and enjoyed by everyone who attended,” said Spear.

“The extensive boating experience brought to the Adelaide dealership by Ross Almond and his wonderful team will set a high standard for all dealers to follow. The approach Ross has adopted no doubt stems from his considerable business experience.

“On the Sunday night, I publicly thanked Ross, David and the team on behalf of the Riviera owners gathered at the dinner function. Thank you, also to Riviera for appointing a sincere and experienced dealer, who no doubt will enhance the Riviera brand here in Adelaide,” he said.

R Marine SA will host another cruising experience later in the year and will inform all SA Riviera owners of the details when they come to hand.

For more information, please go to www.riviera.com.au


1 - Riviera raft up Port Lincoln Experience.

2 - Diving with the tuna was a highlight.

3 - Ian Sargent said the tuna were very powerful and move extremely fast in the water.

4 - Anchored off Reevesby Island.

5 - Stumps at the beach cricket match.