NEWS — Boating incident, NSW South Coast

NEWS - Boating incident, NSW South Coast

NSW Maritime is investigating an offshore boating incident that occurred near Camel Rocks, south of Wallaga Lake, on Sunday. Coastal swell warnings had been issued prior to the incident.

Four people were aboard a 5.7m boat when it was broached by a large wave at about 12.30pm. A subsequent wave then capsized the boat, trapping a number of people under the upturned hull. The crew managed to surface and put on lifejackets.

Three of the crew made their way to shore, while a fourth remained with the boat having suffered an injured leg. The injured person was later airlifted by the Careflight helicopter.

NSW Maritime reminds all skippers of new lifejacket rules.

New safety laws require lifejackets be worn in a range of heightened-risk situations including by children
under the age of 12; anyone boating alone; or at night in a boat less than 4.8m; and for everyone onboard a boat less than 4.8m when offshore.

While it is not compulsory for people in boats of 4.8m in length or more to wear a lifejacket when offshore, NSW Maritime recommends it, especially at times of heightened risk.

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