WEEKEND WEB — Operation Blue Water for NSW

WEEKEND WEB - Operation Blue Water for NSW

NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will target offshore boating-safety this weekend with Operation Blue Water.

NSW Maritime general manager operations, Howard Glenn said the statewide campaign would see boating safety officers focus on and around the more than 40 coastal bars in NSW.

“Crossing a coastal bar requires skill, experience, knowledge of the vessel and proper assessment of the conditions,” said Glenn.

“A skipper who does not plan and prepare for a crossing is inviting trouble.

“Coastal bars are dynamic boating environments due to the constantly changing combination of wind, waves, currents, tides and shoals,” he said.

By law, everyone aboard a recreational vessel must wear an appropriate lifejacket when crossing a coastal bar.

“A lifejacket can save your life but only if you are wearing it,” said Glenn.

To assist skippers in planning for a crossing, NSW Maritime provides live video footage and weather data of 16 of the most popular coastal bars.

Glenn said skippers heading to sea should log on and off with the volunteers of Marine Rescue NSW via a marine radio. If heading more than 2nm offshore, a boat is required to carry a 406MHz EPIRB (distress signalling beacon).

NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will conduct on-spot safety checks with a particular emphasis on lifejacket compliance.

NSW Maritime’s bar webcams can be viewed at www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/webcams/web-cam.html