NEWS — Seawind chooses Yanmar for new 1250

News - Seawind Chooses Yanmar For New 1250

Seawind Catamarans, Australia’s biggest cat manufacturer, is continuing its 20-year relationship with marine diesel engine manufacturer Yanmar, by selecting the brand for its new 1250 model.

Yanmar’s Australian distributor Power Equipment said every Seawind sailing catamaran model powered by an inboard engine that has been built, has been powered by Yanmar, in virtually 20 years.

“The new Seawind 1250, designed by company founder and managing director Richard Ward, was specified standard with a pair of 29hp Yanmar 3YM30 saildrive engines and Gori propellers, a combination that has been well proven on the market-leading Seawind 1160 model,” Power Equipment said.

The 1250 model has a length overall of 12.45m, beam of 6.8m, weighs 8.24 tonnes, and is available in two layouts, both featuring a mix of outdoor/indoor living. Both layouts incorporate three or four double cabins with the galley station in either an ‘up’ or ‘down’ location.

“When not under sail, bringing a big boat like the Seawind 1250 up to a mooring, or moving through a marina or enclosed waters requires reliable power and a deft hand at the helm,” said Power Equipment. “The Yanmar saildrive fitted with the Gori three-blade ‘overdrive’ folding prop is an ideal and proven combination, providing excellent manoeuvring and unmatched fuel economy when motorsailing.”

In specifying the Yanmar 3YM30 saildrive engines and Gori props, Richard Ward points to the exceptional track record of the Yanmar engines that he has installed over the years. “We have experienced great acceptance of the Yanmar brand by our Seawind customers,” he said.

“Not only is the Yanmar brand very popular in Australian cruising waters, but most importantly, customers can be assured that the global support for Yanmar and Gori throughout the world is first rate.

“Beyond the product support, the actual engines themselves are exceptional. When motoring, the lack of smoke, quiet operating noise levels and low fuel usage rate high with Seawind owners,” Ward said.

Seawind is also offering additional power upgrades for the 1250 model and has listed the 39hp 3JH5CE and Gori three-blade folding propeller as an option.

“We are working with Yanmar on this 3JH5 model, a unit which has additional appeal due to the option of the integrated flywheel generator. This combination holds immense appeal,” said Ward.

Photos: Seawind’s Richard Ward; The new Seawind 1250; The 29hp Yanmar 3YM30 diesel saildrive engine with Gori folding prop.