SIBS — 226 new boats

Sibs - 226 New Boats

Last weekend saw oodles of new boats idling out of marinas and making their way through The Heads in
preparation for the 43rd Sydney International Boat Show opening this Thursday (July 29). 

All told, 226 new pleasureboats will be tied to the temporary, two-kilometre-long boat-show marina in Darling Harbour.

The Fleming 55 and 65 long-range motoryachts, photographed while waiting for The Spit Bridge to open in Middle Harbour, are among the show stoppers this year.

The latter (foreground) is the subject of an in-depth test in Trade-a-Boat 405 on sale September 1. Meantime, we look forward to seeing you at this weekend's Sydney International Boat Show. ? David Lockwood