NEWS — NSW boat licence and registrations set to rise

News - NSW Boat Licence And Registrations Set To Rise

From September, NSW boaters will pay more for a boat licence and registration fees on their boats after voting overwhelmingly to provide support for the volunteer organisation Marine Rescue NSW.

NSW Ports and Waterways Minister, Paul McLeay, said the majority of the 2150 responses to a discussion paper proposal for an increase in boating fees to fund Marine Rescue supported the initiative.

“I’m pleased to see the boating community getting behind the initiative. We had 2150 responses to the discussion paper proposal with 79 per cent of responses supporting the contribution,” said McLeay.

This commitment by the boating community equates to a financial contribution of $7.50 from boating licences and registrations.

The contribution will see the annual boat drivers licence go from $43 to $50.50 and an increase to annual registration fees on a typical 5.5m runabout increase from $92 to $99.50.

“The boating community recognises the valuable work of Marine Rescue NSW in assisting more than 2500 people in trouble each year,” said McLeay.

“Each individual contribution from boating licences and registrations adds up to $5 million a year extra, which will all go directly to the volunteer organisation.

“This is on top of the existing funding of $1.4 million the Keneally Government has committed to providing. The contribution from boaters will provide Marine Rescue NSW with total funding of $6.4 million a year,” he said.

McLeay added that boater numbers are expected to double to around 900,000 in 25 years. “This additional funding is a positive step in securing the organisation’s future and ensuring they continue to keep our coastal waters safe,” he said.

“NSW Maritime is committed to ensuring that 100 per cent of the Marine Rescue NSW contribution is provided directly to the volunteer organisation, and there will be annual accountability for all funds spent.

“Marine Rescue NSW units will also need to fund 50 per cent of their operational and capital funding through local fundraising to ensure the volunteer spirit is retained,” he said.

The Marine Rescue NSW funding contribution will start from September, and is set at $7.50 for both boat licences and registrations, or $3 for concession holders.

A breakdown of the discussion paper showed that of the 2150 responses to the proposal received, 79 per cent supported the contribution, 13 per cent proposed various alternative funding models, and 8 per cent of submissions, or 166, were opposed to the concept of funding the volunteers.

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Photo: NSW Ports and Waterways Minister, Paul McLeay.