NEWS – Major engine manufacturer warns buying grey imports

News - Major Engine Manufacturer Warns of Buying Grey Imports

Due to the amount of public interest, Mercury Marine says it is acting to clarify its factory warranty on engines.

“We’re receiving a number of calls from people who have bought, or are thinking of buying, one of our engines, wanting to clarify their coverage,” said John Temple from Mercury Marine. “In response… we’re confirming our warranty so people have all the facts before they buy either an engine or a boat-and-engine package.”

Mercury Marine said the rise in warranty inquiries is linked to the rise in so-called grey or parallel imports. The company explained that this is when individuals or groups purchase distressed stock from finance companies, repossession agents or auction houses and bring them to Australia and New Zealand.

“Buyers need to know that factory warranty coverage is available only to retail customers who purchase from a dealer authorised by Mercury Marine and related companies to distribute the product in Australia and NZ,” Temple said.

Mercury Marine points to two major problems with imports that don’t go through an authorised dealer.

“Firstly, you don’t know what you’re buying. Where’s it been? What’s been done to it? Secondly, there are no safety checks carried out, it may have been rebuilt or previously damaged in one of the many North American hurricanes and repaired,” the company said. “When you buy from an authorised dealer, specialist technicians thoroughly check the engine as part of the standard pre-delivery program to make sure it is working as it should and it’s correctly fitted, and there is a complete documented history of the engine or boat package.”

The official Mercury/Mariner/MerCruiser Factory Warranty makes it clear:
* Imported privately or purchased from third party importers - Factory warranty coverage is not available for engines imported privately or purchased from third party importers. Warranty coverage is available only to retail customers who purchase from a dealer authorised by Marine Power International and related companies to distribute the product in the country in which the sale occurred.
*Engines not purchased from authorised Mercury/Mariner/MerCruiser dealers: Factory warranty will not apply to engines purchased on-line, through auctions or from sellers who are not authorised by Marine Power International.

“People will choose what’s best for them.
We just want to make sure buyers are armed with all the facts,” Temple said.

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Photo: Fish with confidence knowing your factory-warranty is valid on new engines bought from an authorised dealer.