<I>Trade-a-Boat</I> 400th Special Edition

Trade-a-Boat 400th Special Edition

Reaching 400 issues is an achievement for any magazine, and Trade-a-Boat’s celebrating with a bumper 520-page-plus collector’s edition.

It is fitting editor David Lockwood, who has been writing tests since editorial content was introduced way back in September 1997, is at the helm of this major edition.

In Trade-a-Boat 400, we reflect on the past, celebrate the presents and look to the future of the Australian pleasureboat industry. Read our exclusive interviews with the leading players – Bill Barry-Cotter’s Maritimo, Riviera, Caribbean, and Seawind.

We also focus on the big imports, talk to the major dealers, and rate our Top 40 best power and sail boats of all time.

It’s a magazine not to be missed and a very special occasion, even if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy.