ON THE SPOT – <I>Trade-a-Boat</I> and Cyclone Ului

ON THE SPOT - Trade-a-Boat and Cyclone Ului

Trade-a-Boat crew Merilyn Mackenzie and her boat

survived Cyclone Ului that hit Queenlsand’s Whitsundays region on March 21.

In our next issue of Trade-a-Boat, Merilyn recounts the preparations and partying in the lead-up to this extreme weather event, the first in the region for 40 years, its impact, and aftermath.

Photos: The boat ramp at Shute Harbour after Cyclone Ului paid a visit. Dozens of boats didn’t survive its impact; Yachts left high-and-dry at Shute Harbour… at least they’re not on the rocks; Those that did suffered an horrendous fate; All calm in the Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach, but its rough outside, breaking the moorings of several vessels, including the three that ended up on the breakwall at top left of this photo.