NEWS - Jobs go with Salthouse Marine now in receivership


IBI Magazine reports: Salthouse Marine, a long established Auckland-based boatbuilder, has gone into receivership with the loss of 50 jobs. A receiver was called in late last week resulting in the company being closed.

Because Salthouse is such an entrenched name in New Zealand boatbuilding, an announcement has been made to let customers know that at three other boatbuilding businesses that share the Salthouse name, it is very much "business as usual". Those companies are Salthouse Boatbuilders Ltd; Dean Salthouse Next Generation Boats; and Salthouse Marine Brokers International.

The name Salthouse and boatbuilding date back to the 1950s with brothers Bob and John Salthouse. Bob split and formed Salthouse Marine in 1983.

Greg Salthouse, John's son who runs Salthouse Boatbuilders, has issued a statement clarifying that his company is in no way financially linked to Salthouse Marine and emphasised that his company is "experiencing continued success and development".

Next month, for example, the company will launch the latest TP52 high-tech yacht for the English Origins team to race in Europe. Salthouse Boatbuilders is also active refitting a 22m (72ft) cruising yacht as well as several repair and slip jobs. Work on a 17m (57ft) racing yacht will start in a few weeks as well as a Southstar 11m (37ft) craft, one of the Salthouse Marine designs.

The other two companies have also declared not having any financial links with the failed company and both have indicated they are looking to a good 2010. — David Robinson