Honda unleashes next generation V6 outboards

Honda unleashes next generation V6 outboards

New Generation in outboard design

Honda said its flagship BF175/200/225 outboards have undergone some minor changes that it said will “continue to push the boundaries in achieving the world’s highest standard in outboard performance.”

Honda’s latest generation of large-displacement V6 four-stroke EFI outboards has been reworked and refined to deliver more torque and greater fuel efficiency. It also incorporates NMEA 2000 compatibility (engine-to-electronics data communication) and other advantages.

Honda Australia marine manager, Chris Schultz, said the new BF175/200/225 ‘AK1’ was driven by Honda’s desire to “continually achieve best-in-class performance”.

“Never satisfied with maintaining the status quo, Honda solicited honest opinions from BF175/200/225 customers all over the world as to how this flagship series could be even further improved,” Schultz said.

“Honda engineers have reworked these engines to deliver satisfaction way beyond consumer expectations, with holeshot performance that’s equivalent to higher-rated horsepower outboards and fuel efficiency that’s second to none,” he said.

Honda said the incorporation of its Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) air/fuel ratio linked ignition timing control technology delivers explosive holeshot performance to get boats on the plane quicker than ever. BLAST™ is activated by sudden throttle movement, delivering greater torque at the precise moment it’s required.

Honda also said that fuel consumption was reduced by five per cent over the previous BF175/200/225 models by adopting a combination of an O2 feedback system and simple lean burn system — a first in the outboard industry, according to Honda. Known as ECOmo (Economy Controlled Motor), the system is activated when the engine is in mid-range cruising rpm and the throttle is steady. Extensive testing, said Honda, concludes the resultant fuel efficiency is equivalent to that of Honda’s BF150 linear air-fuel (LAF) lean burn system.

Among other notable changes, a new gearcase with a dramatically more hydrodynamic profile is said to reduce water resistance and improve acceleration, while a new water intake screen provides better cooling for maximum motor efficiency. A freshly-designed anti-cavitation plate also reduces engine splash, while additional sacrificial anodes ensure increased corrosion resistance for extended durability.

Several other minor model changes have improved the rigging and maintenance of the engines at the dealer service level.

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