Targeting Tinnies boating safety campaign for NSW

Targeting Tinnies boating safety campaign for NSW

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Small runabouts will be the target of safety checks across NSW waterways this weekend as NSW Maritime rolls out the first in a series of Targeting Tinnies safety campaigns.

New Ports and Waterways Minister, Paul McLeay said the campaign will involve a coordinated education campaign coupled with on-water safety checks aimed at runabouts, which are the most popular type of boat in NSW.

“There are more than 224,000 registered boats in NSW and some 50 per cent are tinnies and runabouts,” McLeay said.

“This type of boat is also the most common vessel involved in serious and fatal boating incidents.

“NSW Maritime figures show that since July 1 this year, eight lives have been lost in boating incidents in NSW and five involved a tinnie or runabout,” he said.

The Minister said it is important the skipper of every tinnie understands the limits of their craft and regularly checks weather conditions.

Basic rules provided by NSW Maritime include:
* Any person travelling at 10kts or more must hold a current boat licence;
* All skippers must comply with safety equipment requirements, especially display correct navigation lights when operating at night;
* Wear kill-switch lanyards when boating alone; and,
* Encourage people to wear lifejackets particularly when boating alone, at night, in times of heightened risk, when elderly, young or can’t swim.

McLeay also stressed the need for skippers to ensure their vessels are seaworthy and suitable for the conditions.

“Checking the weather is also considered a fundamental precaution prior to and during any boating activity,” he said.

The Targeting Tinnies campaign will run throughout the summer boating season.

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