Riviera, Australia’s largest luxury boatbuilder powers into 2010

Riviera, Australia's largest luxury boatbuilder powers into 2010

Riviera said it is powering into 2010 with strong sales, realistic inventory levels and is actively engaged in multiple new-product development projects for release in the coming year.

Riviera CEO, John Anderson said the company had over achieved its 2009 projections and now had a clear indication that for Riviera, 2010 will be a stronger year for new boat sales than 2009.

“As we look forward and prepare our forecasts, we have restructured our production lines to a continuous flow line that will better allow us to further ramp-up production in 2010 to meet rising demand,” Anderson said.

“Retail orders are flowing into our 2010 production schedule; in fact we have only three boats unsold that are currently under construction and due for delivery in the first quarter of 2010 — a very strong way to start the New Year.

“We are certainly in a strong position to maximise the opportunities of the economic recovery in 2010 as we are now actively working to replenish reduced global inventory levels.

“On top of that Riviera has achieved an average weekly run rate of new-boat sales (both new-boat builds and dealer inventory sales) of more than two boats per week from January 1 to December 14 — a truly remarkable achievement,” he said.

As 2009 draws to a close, Riviera said it
is pleased to report that for the period May to December 21, more than $64 million in retail sales have been achieved along with the launching of several new and exciting models.

As 2009 draws to a close, Riviera said it is pleased to report that for the period July to December more than $52 million in retail sales have been achieved along with the launching of several new and exciting models.

“In the last quarter of 2009 we have seen a positive rise in new-boat sales in both Europe and the United States markets,” said Anderson.

Riviera’s continued investment in new-model development and current model innovation has generated significant 2009 sales at the Australian boat shows with the launch of the new 5000 Sport Yacht with Zeus and 5800 Sport Yacht with IPS and the new 51 Enclosed Flybridge with IPS.

Anderson said the company to date had completed and delivered a significant number of 5000 Sport Yachts, 5800 Sport Yachts and 51 Enclosed Flybridges in this region.

“Literally as soon as we have built these new boats they have been sold and delivered to their new owners who are ecstatic with their… performance, finish and Riviera’s continued strength. We hold further forward orders of these new models and currently have multiple boats under construction and delivery in early 2010,” Anderson said.

Riviera said its successful displays at national and international boat shows such as Sanctuary Cove and Sydney in Australia; Genoa, Italy; Fort Lauderdale, USA; and Xiamen, Hong Kong has paved the way for a prosperous New Year with the company’s new-model development and enhancement program continuing in 2010.

“Investment in new-model development will be continued in 2010, indeed we have increased our new-product development workforce, cherry picking people from across the business because of their specialist skills and knowledge to assist with plug-and-mould development, engineering and cabinetry as we progress our successful new-model program into next year. Riviera will continue to excite the market again in 2010,” said Anderson.

Riviera added that it remains proactive and diligent in their preparation for the return of confidence in the boating market.

“Our restructuring of the business is mostly complete.
Considerable cost has been taken out of our operation as we have sought to create a more nimble organisation better able to operate and complete in this new era of business,” Anderson said.

“Our results and achievements over the past six months, I believe, speak for themselves and we look forward to powering ahead in 2010.
We also owe a debt of gratitude to our fiercely loyal owner-base that have so actively encouraged and supported us over the past six months,” he said.

In February, Riviera said it will launch into the boat-show season with the Melbourne International Boat and Lifestyle Festival in Victoria, Australia, and the Miami International Boat Show in Florida, USA.

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