Operation Lights On this weekend for NSW

Operation Lights On this Weekend for NSW

NSW Ports and Waterways Minister, Joe Tripodi, has announced a state-wide maritime safety campaign will be conducted this weekend (November 14 to 15) to promote safe boating at night.

Tripodi said Operation Lights On will see NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers patrolling popular boating areas across the State.

“Navigating at night requires special care and attention. Vessels operating at night, whether at anchor or underway must carry and exhibit the correct lights,” Tripodi said.

“It is important navigation lights on boats are in the right place and displayed appropriate to the size and class of the vessel.

“Driving a boat at night is not like driving a car. Vessel navigation lights are used to show others where you are, not to light up the way ahead,” Tripodi said, adding that correctly fitted navigation lights indicate the type of boat and its direction of travel.

Operation Lights On will target the following:
* Ensure that skippers are aware of the need to display correct navigation lights at night;
* Ensure that navigation lights are in the right place and displayed appropriate to the vessel size and class;
* Ensure that all safety equipment, particularly lifejackets are onboard for each person, and within easy access;
* Ensure that vessels are navigating on the correct (right-hand) side of the channel; and,
* Promotion of navigation light requirements during daytime patrols.

Fines for failure to meet the navigation light requirements range from $250 to $5500.

For more information on night navigation, go to www.maritime.nsw.gov.au