Onboard vessel monitoring with Maretron


With Maretron, onboard vessel monitoring has never been easier or more affordable, claims Australian marine electronics company JN Taylor & Co. 

Based on the latest industry standards and the NMEA2000 protocol, the company said Maretron delivers onboard monitoring solutions at a level that is suitable for all sizes and types of vessels.

“The basic system comprises a NMEA2000 backbone or trunk that allows compatible sensors to be connected via dropdown or branch cables and the information displayed on a Maretron DSM250 high-resolution, sunlight viewable colour display that allows easy interpretation of the data,” said JN Taylor.

“The DSM250, with its user-friendly interface, can display information in a number of ways; for quick and easy interpretation of data a selection of numeric, gauge, or graph formats is selected from the different display formats while visual and audible alarms are as easy to access,” the distributor said.

Maretron N2K View is described as an advanced software program that, when connected via the USB100 adaptor, offers a user-friendly viewer program on a standard Windows PC. The N2K program is said to be popular as the display screens are easily customised by the user for preferred viewing options and their vessel details.

JN Taylor said Maretron offers a wide range of engine interfaces, software, depth/temp/speed sensors, GPS receiver, wind sensors, solid state compass, bilge sensors, cables, plugs and adaptors.

“Ultrasonic tank level monitors for water, petrol, diesel etc, can be configured to suit your vessels tank sizes and shape, ensuring accurate tank level monitoring at your finger tips. The Run Indicator Module (RIM100) senses and informs when certain AC or DC circuits are energised and running or not. This is very useful for bilge pumps, winches, transfer pumps, and exhaust/intake fans,” said the company.

“Building your own onboard vessel monitoring system is easy when using the Maretron N2K Build software which is a free download from the Maretron website. This software is smart as it allows you to build your system and test it on your PC. When you’ve completed and tested your system on your PC, simply print the drawing and a materials list, and all you need to do is order the parts from the list and install your system. Double ended cord sets (cables) are available to allow for quick and reliable building of the system,” JN Taylor explained.

Maretron is available in Australia from JN Taylor & Co and its leading marine electronics service providers

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