Australian products in demand at IBEX

Australian products in demand at IBEX

Australian marine companies recently returned from exhibiting at IBEX in Miami and while there were some good successes in both contacts and sales from the show the general view is the current downturn is still having a strong effect on the American economy, the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) said.

Exhibitor numbers appeared to be significantly down on 2008, according to AIMEX, and Australia had the only country pavilion at this show.

Despite the marine sector in US economy still very depressed, AIMEX said it understands the importance of reinforcing the brand. “The Australian Marine Industry has an excellent reputation in this market and will always see the USA as a significant market,” said the group.

AIMEX CEO, MaryAnne Edwards said: “IBEX has always been one of the leading international events attended by Australian companies and despite the current state of the marine industry there, it is important for Australia to maintain a strong brand presence.”

Companies who exhibited at IBEX with AIMEX in the Australian Pavilion include: Austral Propellers, Coursemaster, FinScan, HyDrive Engineering, MultiPanel, Poly Flex, Sea Gyro, Stress Free Marine and VEEM Propellers. All of these companies will also be exhibiting at METS.

AIMEX members Aqualuma, IsoFlex and Evrsafe also had a presence at IBEX with their distributors.

According to AIMEX, VEEM Propellers, recent winners of the Australian Marine Industry Export Award for Innovation, continues to have a strong presence in the US and exhibited their award-winning innovative Interceptor Propeller. VEEM, as is custom, held their successful annual USA dealer meetings each morning of the show.

“FinScan exhibited their Bio eStart product, the latest in fingerprint engine starting technology. This product is already making a name for itself in the international arena. There was excellent acceptance of this technology at the show and FinScan were pleased with their results,” said AIMEX.

“Proving that Australia is a country where there is high skills and innovation, three of the AIMEX members, FinScan, Stress Free Marine and VEEM entered in the IBEX innovation awards, all receiving considerable enquiry during the show as visitors saw their products displayed on the IBEX awards stand,” it said.

Steve Vincent, managing director of Austral Propellers and who was leading the group at IBEX said: “Whilst the show was definitely smaller than previous years and the show organisers had moved the location of the Australian pavilion, it was still important to have profile at IBEX.

“The quality of the visitors attending the show proved to be high. I was disappointed with the Australian Pavilion location and this view was expressed to the organisers. Given Australia is a key international supporter of this show we expect a high-traffic location and some recognition of this support,” said Vincent.

The organisers have assured AIMEX of a central location for the newly located IBEX next year in Louisville.

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Photo: Brad Miocevich (right), Director Marine Propulsion at Veem, discusses products with customers at IBEX.