West Ribs now WA Sealegs dealer


West RIBS said it has entered into an agreement to secure the Western Australian dealership for Sealegs amphibious boats. 

The NZ-based Sealegs produces a range of amphibious marine craft that incorporate a ridged inflatable boat (RIB) with specialised aluminium hull design accommodating the structure necessary for the retractable land wheels.

“These are extremely well engineered craft,” said West RIBs managing director Chris Castle. “Clearly a great deal of thought and testing went into these boats to bring them to the highly rugged and functional product that is now available. I imagine that they are the most successful amphibious craft available in the world today.”

West RIBs said it presented as the best strategic partner for Sealegs as it is one of the few outlets offering full service facilities for RIBs in WA. West RIBs said it is also known as Australia’s inflatable boat specialists and has a proven track record of developing the national market for several well-known brands of inflatable craft.

Previously, Sealegs have sold directly into WA, and increasing sales brought the need for a full service centre and sales office. In order to provide future and present customers with support and raise the profile of the product in WA a joint agreement was entered into with West RIBs. This recent appointment adds to the growing expansion of the Sealegs worldwide dealer network which includes the United States, Kuwait, Korea, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Part of the agreement required West RIBs personnel to travel to the Sealegs manufacturing facility in NZ in order to obtain product training specific to the hydraulic drive and retraction system. “Our staff came back exceptionally impressed by the sophistication of the manufacturing, product development and testing facilities,” said Castle.

West RIBS said the Sealegs vessels have proven exceptionally popular for boating in areas with large tidal movements such as Broome and Darwin, and customers also include waterfront property owners and flood rescue agencies. The patented amphibious feature of the craft eliminates the necessity of a boat ramp for launching and as a result, said West RIBS, Sealegs boats have also gained the favour with fisherman seeking to access ever more remote areas.

For further information contact West RIBS, 5/24 Mews Road,
Fremantle, WA, phone (08) 9336 4418 or email: sales@westribs.com.au