NEWS - Quantum Sails expands presence in Australia and Asia

NEWS - Quantum Sails expands presence in Australia and Asia

Australian sailing industry professional Carl Crafoord has joined forces with Quantum Sail Design Group to deliver an expanded Quantum Sails presence in Australia and Asia.

Crafoord has been in the marine industry for 32 years since commencing a sailmaking apprenticeship with Hugh Treharne in December 1976. He has also sailed in 23 Sydney Hobart races and had four wins as a navigator and strategist on Sagacious

in 1990,
Raptor in 1994, and twice on Quest in 2002 and 2008.
Until recently, he has been involved with Lewmar Marine PLC and previously handled Harken Yacht Equipment’s distribution.

Responding to what attracted him to Quantum, Crafoord said: “The sailmaking industry is facing rapid change at this time and the Quantum model is the future; proprietary central manufacturing, winning designs and global distribution backed up with 100 per cent commitment to customer service.

“They’re not just building a sail for a customer, but incorporating the Quantum product into a complete service that works to improve each customer’s sailing experience.

“We’ll be headquartered in Brookvale Sydney and will have Quantum Sails Marine service centers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand with a range of top-shelf services and products.

“Our emphasis will be on delivering the best possible service, with the best people, from sailmakers servicing sails to professional racing sailors who will sail with clients to pass on knowledge in areas of boat speed and tactics and more,” said Crafoord.

With the refinement of the Fusion M membrane product, the integration of iQ design technology, and the enhancement of standards in manufacturing, Quantum Sails said it is putting the tools in place to further strengthen the product lines and brand position. Quantum added that it supplies its customers with the most technologically advanced, highest quality sails, coupled with the best service available on the market.

“We feel very excited to have Carl on board to manage Quantum’s business in Australia and Asia,” said Ed Reynolds, president of Quantum Sails. “Carl will ensure that our customers receive the technologically advanced product and outstanding service that is indicative of the Quantum brand.”

To contact Carl Crafoord, phone 0438 548 033 or email:

Photos: Carl Crafoord; Quantum Racing.