NEW BOATS - Allura Marine offers outstanding fuel efficiency

NEW BOATS - Allura Marine offers outstanding fuel efficiency

After recent sea trials off the Gold Coast, Trade-a-Boat

couldn’t wait to tell you about the incredible efficiency of the new Allura 55. Using a pair of modest 375hp John Deere diesel engines, the Allura 55 boasts incredible fuel efficiency, consuming less than 80 litres in total for 20kts in the open ocean.

Retailing at just $2 million, the Allura 55 cat represents outstanding value-for-money, says the factory. The fine handbuilt craft combines the performance of a top-end cruiser, the floor space of a superyacht, with the efficiency of a much smaller vessel.

Being a wide-bodied catamaran, the Allura 55 provides more space than a 70ft monohull. The luxury fitout includes a Sony LCD 32in TV and DVD entertainment system, beautiful handcrafted joinery, efficient lighting, and exquisite wall and ceiling linings.

Allura says its 55 delivers the highest living standards on the water for both cruising and serious offshore fishing enjoyment.

For further details, visit the Allura Marine website And look for next month’s Trade-A-Boat for our in-depth test on this slippery, sumptuous and fuel-sipping bluewater cat.