Maritimo awarded quality ISO 9001 certification


Australian luxury boatbuilder, Maritimo, has been awarded ISO 9001 certification for its quality management systems.

Maritimo CEO, Bill Barry-Cotter said the company undertook the stringent ISO process to ensure consistent high-quality boats for all customers.

“Quality boatbuilding relies on highly skilled trades people,” said Barry-Cotter. “Our boats are handcrafted to exacting specification so we need precise management systems.”

According to Viviana Tamayo, Engineering Quality Assurance Officer at Maritimo, who developed the ISO 9001 program at Maritimo, “Our management systems comply with international standards to ensure the product is consistently high-quality to meet our customers’ expectations.”

The Audit Report from Compliance Australia stated: “The obvious commitment demonstrated by Staff and Management was well evident… the Management Systems will only grow in maturity and value from here.

“The system has been well designed and incorporated into Maritimo Offshore management system.”

Maritimo Warranty manager, Greg Swain said the company began the ISO certification four years ago as the company began to expand.

“We needed documented processes so that new tradespeople coming into the company know exactly what is expected of them,” Swain said.

“Since we began the process we have been able to demonstrate not only an improvement in quality but also a return in terms of costs. Getting everything right first time benefits everyone.

“We have also been able to assist our suppliers in delivering exactly what we need on time,” said Swain.

Barry-Cotter said that ISO 9001 certification is becoming increasingly important in overseas markets as well in Government contracts.

“Certification will give us a strong leadership position in our markets particularly in Europe and the United States,” said Barry-Cotter.

Maritimo must now undergo an independent audit of its management systems every six months and re-apply for certification every three years.

“The independent audits ensure that we continue to improve our systems and our products,” said Barry-Cotter.

“In the end, it is all about our customers. Boating is a lifestyle pursuit and we work to ensure we help in delivering quality for that lifestyle,” he said.

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Photo: Maritimo CEO, Bill Barry-Cotter discussed the ISO program with Viviana Tamayo.