Maritimo 73 shines with new Hella Marine LED technology

Maritimo 73 shines with new Hella Marine LED technology

Lighting company Hella Marine said that one of the star attractions at the 2009 Sydney International Boat Show was the world premier of Maritimo's new flagship, the 73 Cruising Motoryacht, the largest Australian production boat to date, and one that featured its latest LED lighting package.

As the 73 project developed, Hella Marine said it worked closely with Maritimo designers and engineers to develop an LED-lighting installation that would showcase the new yacht. The result, it said, was a complete lighting plan, from downlights to courtesy, interior and exterior lights, capitalising on recent Hella Marine developments in highly efficient white-light technology.

“Effective intensity, elegant fittings, reduced power consumption, interior enhancing color rendering, ease of installation, reliability and overall cost effectiveness were all paramount aspects of the project. According to those involved, this demanding criteria has been successfully met on all accounts,” said a Hella Marine press release.

“During his speech at the Sydney launch, Maritimo CEO, Bill Barry-Cotter, praised the new Hella Marine LED lighting package. Delighted with the finished result, he was particularly impressed with the low-power consumption and virtually zero detectable heat signature of each lamp,” Hella continued.

The lighting company said Barry-Cotter realised early on the benefits he could offer Maritimo owners in terms of vastly reduced power consumption, improved safety and ongoing reliability with effective LED interior-lighting systems.

According to Hella, the figures of the Maritimo 73 lighting package tell the full story for the 22m yacht. The company claimed that the 210 Hella Marine LED downlights installed throughout the interior and exterior levels provide a total combined power consumption of less than 7amp.

“This staggering efficiency is put into perspective when compared with the estimated more than 62amp needed to illuminate the same design with halogen lamps,” said Hella.

According to the company, Maritimo will equip future production models with new Hella marine white-light technology. “The features and benefits of highly-efficient LED lighting packages have proved to be a winner for this innovative Australian boatbuilder,” Hella continued.

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Photo: The Maritimo 73 Cruising Motoryacht shines bright with energy-saving LED lighting.