Koya Marine to quit Australia

Koya Marine to Quit Australia

Koya Corporation will be closing its Australian Marine division over the next three months and concentrating on its core business of car wheels in Australia.

A decision was made in August by the National Manager, Carlo Marchese, and the Director of KOYA Marine division, Jerry Chen, to withdraw the Koya range of boats from the Australian marine market.

The company said the decision is due to the global economic downturn and pressures which have affected the marine industry, including Koya sales in Australia over the last 12 months.

Koya said its range of boats will still be available to interested parties, but via the factory’s head office located in Shanghai, China.

“All boats sold in the Australian market over the last two years through our dealer network will retain their full warranty under the Koya banner,” said the company. “Koya have not discounted the option of coming back to the Australian market at a later stage. The current action is a commercial decision which needed to be made.”

Marchese left his role as Australian National Manager at the end of August, but will oversee the closing down of the marine division operations. This will officially close as of the end of November said Koya.

Marchese said the decision was a hard one to make, but making this decision now means that it is on Koya’s terms and keeps the company brand strong globally.

“This also protects all our customers in Australia and keeps them secure with any warranty issues that may come up. The European and Russian market have been strong for the company and this is where the Shanghai Head office will concentrate their sales on,” said Koya.

The company said Marchese has not made any plans for his future after his role at Koya, but looks forward to having some time to consider options and go fishing.

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