Bellingham Marine pontoon at Broadwater Parklands


A new floating public-access pontoon in Southport, Qld, was officially opened in late August.

The project, by Bellingham Marine Australia (BMA), is part of the Gold Coast City Council’s major $42 million three-stage rejuvenation plan for the existing Broadwater Parklands at Southport

BMA said it was contracted by one of Australia’s leading construction companies Abigroup, and the Gold Coast City Council, to design, construct, and install the pontoon.

The company said features of the new pontoon include high-stability for public safety, high 600mm freeboard and a structural fixed and hinged gangway system 63m (206ft) in length.
The new gangway consists of three fixed gangways and three fixed intermediate landings leading to a 20m long hinged gangway, all of which BMA said was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, from not only the water and Parklands area, but also from the adjoining luxury high-rise apartment towers.

The goal of the council’s $42 million rejuvenation project is to celebrate 150 years of Queensland’s and Southport’s history, and to reconnect the Gold Coast’s Southport Business District with the Broadwater harbour.

BMA said, in the past the Pier at Broadwater Parklands was the place to go and was considered by many as the centre of entertainment in Southport.

The Pier had a theatre/cinema, held dances, skating contests and a range of other activities, as well as extensive promenades overlooking the water and a free amusement cafe, with games such as indoor golf and bowling.
Unfortunately, in 1969 the pier was demolished and with it faded the surrounding festivities, BMA said.

The revitalised park, it said, boasts a new gathering place for the people of Southport to reminisce and build new memories.
The opening ceremony was hosted by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, who arrived by jet boat and onto the new Bellingham Marine pontoon.

As a marina design/build construction company, Bellingham Marine Australia said it produces Unifloat saltwater systems, Unideck freshwater systems and Unistack dry storage systems for marinas throughout Australasia.

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Photo: The new floating public access pontoon at Broadwater Parklands, Southport.