Yamaha powers Aussie Customs effort

Yamaha powers Aussie Customs effort

In a true spirit of international co-operation, Japanese outboard manufacturer Yamaha said its F100 outboards have been fitted to power NZ-built Stabicraft boats for use by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Yamaha said the contract called for the supply of nine identical boats to protect Australian shores from the importation of drugs and illegal immigrants.

On a day-to-day basis, they will be used for routine inshore patrols, and border management in and around bays, marinas and harbours, and will initially be stationed around three major city locations (Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane) as well as more remote (Weipa, Cairns and Townsville) bays, rivers and estuaries with limited offshore use. The boats are supplied on heavy-duty trailers and can be relocated as and when required to respond to changed circumstances or threats.

Power is provided by the Yamaha F100 model, a 100hp four-stroke outboard that the outboard maker said is noted for its excellent power-to-weight ratio, low fuel consumption and quiet operation.

“We selected Yamaha because Stabicraft is a Yamaha dealer in NZ and quite a number of our dealers are also Yamaha dealers,” Leeon Johnston of Stabicraft said.

“The Customs work is all about reliability and backup service. With Yamaha’s extensive dealer network, we are confident that Customs will be well looked after,” he said.

The F100 model in twin installation was determined by the Stabicraft designers as being the optimum power option for the 659 Supercab boats, Yamaha said.

“We’re delighted to be supporting Stabicraft and Australian Customs with our outboard engines,” said Brett Hampson, national sales and marketing manager for Yamaha outboards.

“This is demanding and important work. Operating in isolated areas demands efficient operation, absolute reliability and economical use of fuel. The F100 fits the bill on all counts,” he said.

The Yamaha-powered boats will be required to withstand the hard work and regular use that Australian Customs will subject them to, said the outboard manufacturer, adding the Stabicraft is widely recognised as a safe and dependable craft that is more than capable in a commercial environment.

According to Hampson, there is an ever increasing demand for engines that satisfy not only on-water performance criteria, but also appropriate workplace practices.

“Employers in both government and in the private sector are today mindful of equipping their employees with outboard engines that are quiet and low in emission,” Hampson said.

“The Yamaha F100 fits the bill perfectly as it is a very quiet engine and being four-stroke, also has minimal emissions. For a crew to be onboard an Australian Customs Stabicraft boat for hours on end, we have to be mindful of the work environment in terms of noise and emissions,” he said.

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