NEWS - New pilot scheme for NSW marine surveys

NEWS - New Pilot Scheme for NSW Marine Surveys

The NSW Government has introduced a pilot scheme for private marine surveyors to conduct surveys of houseboats and other low-risk commercial vessels, allowing NSW Maritme surveyors to concentrate more on high-risk craft and commercial operational and emergency strategies. 

NSW Ports and Waterways Minister, Joe Tripodi, in announcing the pilot scheme said NSW Maritime marine surveyors and naval architects will continue to conduct all initial survey inspections of these vessels, as well as initial and periodic inspections of all other craft.

“However, using appropriately qualified private surveyors to conduct periodic inspections of low-risk vessels, such as houseboats and barbecue pontoons, will allow NSW Maritime surveyors to concentrate on vessels that represent a higher safety risk,” said Tripodi.

“It will also allow NSW Maritime surveyors to focus on strategies to mitigate risk, such as auditing operational and emergency procedures for passenger, trading and fishing boats,” he said.

To qualify for appointment as a surveyor, applicants must hold a minimum qualification of a Marine Engine Driver Class 1 Certificate of Competency, a Certificate 3 in Small Craft Construction or a Diploma in Naval Architecture.

They also must have recent experience as a marine surveyor or boatbuilder.

Comprehensive procedures have been developed which list the checks that must be conducted as part of the survey inspection, and the service levels that must be achieved.

Successful applicants will be engaged for an initial one-year period, and will be paid a fee for service.

Tripodi said there will be no change in the survey fees paid by vessel operators as a result of using private surveyors.