Yanmar goes quicker on less fuel

Yanmar goes quicker on less fuel

A professional Sydney fisherman who re-powered a former cray-boat with a new Yanmar engine says he travels 30 per cent faster and still uses less fuel over the boat’s original engine.

Paul Sullivan describes himself as a commercial fish trapper operating out of Fisherman’s Wharf on Sydney Harbour. For some time he had wanted to upgrade his aluminium trailer boat to a new commercial fishing vessel but he was put off by the $600,000 price tag. Then he came across a 1981 Randell 47 going for roughly half the price, once new modifications and a fresh engine were put in place.

“In buying the Randall, I factored in a re-power from the outset,” says Sullivan. “The engine was original, but it was old technology and would have been noisy, thirsty and expensive to run, not to mention the oil leaks. The principal cost in commercial fishing is fuel, so my plan was to spend a bit up-front to save a heap over the ensuing years,” he said.

“Other fishermen in the industry that I know kept raving about Yanmar. People kept referring to the incredible fuel savings associated with Yanmar, their quiet operation and uncomplicated maintenance requirements. I settled on the 6HYM-ETE model.”

Once acquired, the Randall, Rachael E, was shipped to Craig Hurst at Bermagui (who is an authorized Yanmar Dealer) for the re-power and associated hull work.

“Craig decided to completely strip out the engine room and begin the re-power with an empty room. The installation is an absolute work of art – it is spotlessly clean, neat and simple.”

Sullivan also had a MASE 6.5 Kva gen set fitted in the engine room so he could power some big floodlights and deck lights for when he leaves port early in the morning. The cabin also had a decent fridge and microwave oven so 240 volts was deemed essential.

The Yanmar 6HYM-ETE engine uses Yanmar’s latest combustion chamber design called ASSIGN. This system was originally pioneered by Yanmar on large bore, low speed propulsion engines and has now been combined with Yanmar’s mechanical fuel system. The result is fuel consumption of only 201g per kW/hr at 100 per cent load from the heavy duty 368kW (500mhp) model. The 6HYM-ETE is also an emission compliant IMO certified product with full classification to BV/ABS/LR/RINA and NK if required.

It uses a 6-in-line cylinder block that displaces 13.733lt. The induction system features a 24-valve cylinder head design with twin turbochargers that can be specified with four power ratings between 303kW (412mhp) at 1850rpm to 515kW (700mhp) at 2200rpm, depending on the application and duty cycle proposed. Total weight without a gearbox is 1385kg.

On the water, this translates into performance and fuel economy. Working up and down the NSW coast, the Rachael E operates most efficiently at 12kt with the Yanmar spinning over at 1550rpm. Fuel consumption at this speed is 25lt/h. With the fuel tanks holding 1800 litres, this gives Rachael E 72 hours of range.

“The original engine in Rachael E used 30 litres per hour at nine knots. It was very thirsty and noisy,” said Sullivan. “I couldn’t be happier with my new Yanmar engine. Now I’m operating 30 per cent faster and using less fuel. The re-power has been a lot cheaper than buying a new boat, I’m enjoying wonderful fuel economy and reliability and there’s not an oil leak to be seen.”

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Photos: Paul Sullivan shows off his Yanmar 6HYM-ETE; the MASE 6.5 Kva gen set fitted in the engine room that powers floodlights and deck lights for early morning departures; total engine weight without the gearbox is 1385kg.