NEWS - SCIBS expertise for South Korea

NEWS - SCIBS expertise for South Korea

Some of the organisers of Australia’s premier boat show, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS), have been assisting the international development of this year’s Yacht and Boat Korea show (October 29 to November 1).

The inaugural Yacht Korea Show in 2007 drew a modest 70 exhibitors with visitors from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the US, Europe and Australia. However, for 2009, the organisers aim to attract 150 exhibitors, particularly increasing international company representation, with the event’s name also changed this year to Yacht and Boat Korea.

Yacht and Boat Korea 2009 said it entered into a co-operative agreement with the successful creators of SCIBS, to assist with the event’s international development.

Barry Jenkins was general manager for Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show for many years and now works in international relations and special events for Sanctuary Cove. Australian PR company Kate D Enterprises has been contracted to further extend international publicity for the upcoming Korean show.

The third Yacht and Boat Korea event is in South Korea’s main shipbuilding province of Gyeongsangnam and is expected to attract 150 companies from 20 countries this year.

The event encompasses a four-day boat show at Danghangpo (Danghang Port) and the 3rd Admiral Yi Soon-Shin Cup International Yacht Race at Tongyeong Donam Port zone, with both events situated close to the city of Goseong.

“The Korean Government has placed a substantial effort in creating an improved trade and investment climate which has brought real GDP growth of 4.1 per cent for 2008,” said Jenkins. This follows robust growth of five per cent in 2007.

The province of Gyeongsangnam occupies 10.6 per cent of the country, the fourth largest province, with 1019 shipbuilding firms employing more than 91,400 workers. Government policies are in place for the creation of 10 marina projects while 23 newly-designated shipbuilding sites are within the province.

“Provincial governor, Taeho Kim, supported the creation of the event to further the tourism and marine industry growth in the region,” said Jenkins.

The boat show features leisure boats and yachts, engines, marine equipment and cultural displays with pavilion, open-air and marina displays.

For 2009, the show’s location has moved from a convention centre to the city of Goseong where plans are to develop the region into a recreational marine hub in 2010.

“The South Sea coastal region of South Korea, Namhaean, offers pristine waters, deep waterways and is strategically located close to Asian economic giants such as China and Japan,” said Jenkins. Other advantages are said to include calm weather and scenic islands for cruising.

“Yacht and Boat Korea 2009 will be staged at the newly-opened Goseong Dinosaur Park, a major tourism attraction which has drawn more than 1.7 million visitors over four months since opening in March this year.

“The event will also offer an educational aspect to the emerging affluent Korean domestic market on the lifestyle benefits of recreational boating,” Jenkins said.

Gyeongsangnam province is located in the south-eastern end of the Korean peninsula with a population of more than 3.13 million, and a coastline of more than 2000km which also encompasses a national marine park.

Leading world brands have industries located in the region including Samsung Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding Company, LG Electronics, Sony Korea and Korea Aerospace Industries.

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) has signed free-trade agreements with 16 countries including Singapore, ASEAN, the US and the European Free Trade Association.

The exhibition is staged by GnA International Co Ltd based in Changwon.

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