AMIF folds

NEWS - Australian Marine Industries Federation folds

The Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF) has collapsed and its responsibilities have been transferred to state Boating Industry Associations (BIAs).

It is understood that AMIF CEO Sherry Donaldson is no longer employed by the now folded organisation. The NSW BIA resigned from AMIF last month. NSW BIA GM Roy Privett said the withdrawal from AMIF was a catalyst for change and the first step to building a national approach to advocacy on behalf of the industry.

“We need to build a more cohesive and comprehensive entity ... we couldn't do that by remodelling AMIF, we needed a fresh start,” said Privett. “We want to build a stronger, more efficient organisation, one that is less fragmented and parochial on state matters,” he added.

It is understood that the remaining states will share the responsibilities previously handled by AMIF until a new representative body is established.

AMIF president Barry Jenkins said: “It was not possible after June to keep funding AMIF ... regrettably we had to close the operational side, handing operational increments to various states. Given the current climate it was a huge financial strain to the individual associations ... however, it was necessary to keep the work of AMIF going.”