NEWS – NSW BIA launches safety check program

NEWS - NSW BIA launches safety check program

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) of NSW has launched a safety check scheme that it said will not only keep avid boaties busy through winter, but also help get their boats ready for the summer season.

The 50 Point Safety Check has been developed by the BIA and the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association as a comprehensive check to highlight issues that may need maintenance attention.

Although no remedial work is carried out during the check, the BIA said at the recommended retail price of $99, it is a worthwhile investment, particularly as the checks are crucial in detecting issues that may compromise on-water safety.

“A 50 point check this winter is a prime way to give the recreational skipper peace of mind — and doing it in winter means you skip the queues and don’t miss out on valuable time on the water,” said Roy Privett, BIA general manager.

The checks are carried out by authorised MIMRA members and boat owners are provided with a full report on the general condition of the outfit, said BIA.

“Boating should be fun and relaxing, and skippers are responsible for ensuring that they do everything to protect the safety of their passengers and themselves whilst on the water,” Privett said.

To view the full list of items checked or to find an authorised provider to perform a check, visit