NEWS – Enterprise Connect seminars for marine industry

NEWS - Enterprise Connect seminars for marine industry

Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) has announced two remaining dates for the ‘Strategies for managing through the downturn’ seminars.

Companies keen to attend the last two seminars, in Brisbane on Tuesday June 16 and Sydney on Tuesday June 23, should contact AIMEX by phoning (03) 9682 1255 or registering online at

AIMEX CEO, MaryAnne Edwards said: “Response to the ‘Strategies for managing through the downturn’ seminars has been excellent with over 100 companies attending so far. Seminars have already been held in Surfers Paradise, Sanctuary Cove, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth with follow-up seminars now being organised for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.”

“The feedback from these seminars has been extremely positive as companies in this economy are reviewing every aspect of their business to remain competitive and to help them survive. These seminars provide an in-depth look at key areas of the business identifying where there could be opportunities, cost savings and growth,” she said.

AIMEX said companies have stressed the key issues that are heavily impacting on their business in this climate are:
* Access to finance, with many banks reviewing lending ratios and finance harder to obtain;
* Costs of manufacturing compared to China and other Asian countries, it is hard to stay competitive;
* Consumer confidence affecting buying decisions. Many people have the money and are keen to purchase boats, but lack the confidence in this market to make that investment;
* Exchange rate fluctuations;
* The inability of overseas clients to gain access to finance to purchase overseas products;
* Cashflow;
* Credit management;
* Balancing structure and capacity verses demand;
* Skills shortage; and,
* Gaining an understanding of where Australia and the world is at in the recession cycle.

AIMEX said businesses are encouraged to attend these seminars as it is a one-off programme and given there is no cost to attendees it is an opportunity for businesses to ensure they are managing as well as they can in these times.

“Feedback from participants is that it has been the best seminar they have attended of this kind and it is well worth taking the few hours necessary to attend,” said AIMEX.

The seminars are an initiative of the Enterprise Connect program, which both Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF) and AIMEX jointly applied to in an effort to support members during these difficult economic times. Feedback from these seminars will be presented to the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) to ensure the Federal Government understands the issues facing the marine industry.

Enterprise Connect
is a $271
million program that aims to help
Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
acquire the knowledge, tools, and expertise to help them become more innovative, efficient and competitive.

AIMEX and AMIF said they have both acknowledged the support of the Enterprise Connect representatives who have attended every seminar and have offered follow up support to companies.