NEWS -  BIA Wins UN World Environment Day Award

NEWS - BIA Wins UN World Environment Day Award

The BIA of Victoria has won the United Nations Association of Australia’s 2009 World Environment Day Award in the Marine and Coastal Management category.

The UN award follows the recent Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence won by the Marine Pest Project undertaken over the past 18 months by BIA Project Manager Karen Bennett.

BIA won the national award for Excellence in Marine and Coastal Management category ahead of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Western Port Greenhouse Alliance.

The UN awards recognise those from all Australian sectors who display innovation and dedication in their work to protect, manage or restore the environment.

BIA President Gordon Howlett, who accepted the award, said the Marine Pest Project reflected BIA’s commitment to minimising the industry’s impact on the environment.

“The Marine Pest Project was a perfect way to educate the recreational boat users of the damage caused by the hundreds of imported marine pests found in Port Phillip Bay, and how they can reduce the danger of transferring these to other Victorian clean waters,” he said.

“It is important to acknowledge the angling and boating clubs who hosted marine pest presentations, and project manager Karen Bennett for her dedication to this project.”