NEWS - VEEMSurf Interceptor Propeller

NEWS - VEEMSurf Interceptor Propeller

VEEM’s Australasian distributor, Austral Propellers, displayed a six-blade VEEMSurf Interceptor Propeller for the first time in Australasia, as well as other Interceptor designs, at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

The revolutionary Interceptor technology is said to enable all vessels to be launched with the correct propeller every time, by attaining the right engine revs and load without the need to change or modify the propellers.

Veem said the Interceptor allows changes to the pitch of the propeller without removal from the vessel by using different height Interceptor strips to adjust the effective pitch of the propeller. Should the pitch of the propeller need to be changed, the old strip is simply pushed out and a new strip of a different height is pushed in.

The manufacturer’s Splash and Forget concept is said to allow initial vessel commissioning to be completed in a single sea-trial, as any pitch alteration can be easily completed by changing the strips. This Veem said eliminates the need to either change to a new propeller or mechanically alter the new one, and a diver can simply change the strips in minutes.

VEEM Propellers says it is a privately owned company located in WA and a manufacturer of props for more than 50 years. It claims its patented Interceptor Technology is being used on many different types of vessels including super yachts, sportsfishers, pleasure boats and patrol boats.

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Photo: Interceptor Technology on a VEEMSurf Propeller