NEWS – Frankston Safe Boat Harbour gets green light

NEWS - Frankston Safe Boat Harbour gets green light

The Frankston Safe Boat Harbour has been given the green light following a rigorous planning process, with Victorian Planning Minister, Justin Madden, describing the project as striking the balance between good design and the protection of Frankston’s beaches.

The Minister amended the local planning scheme as requested by the Frankston City Council, saying the estimated $80 million private sector project satisfied all the required planning and environmental aspects.

“The proposal increases the range of activities and boating infrastructure to enable development of a commercially viable boating and leisure centre,” Madden said.

“The development will create boating and marina facilities over the sea bed of Port Phillip Bay adjacent to Oliver’s Hill cliff face where breakwaters will be built to provide the safe harbour,” he added.

The project includes boat ramps, dual landing platforms, up to 300 permanent wet berths and up to 400 dry storage berths for boat owners, public moorings, and other services for fisherman and boat users.

“The area also has potential to accommodate short-stay accommodation, outdoor recreation facilities, retail and commercial facilities, and a ferry terminal platform,” said Madden.

Conditions placed on the project include the development of short-term accommodation only upon completion of an operational safe boat harbour and marina.

Frankston’s Mayor, Colin Hampton, welcomed Minister Madden’s decision to amend the Frankston Planning Scheme to incorporate the Council's Preferred Development Model for a new Safe Boat Harbour.

“Council has prepared tender documents for the Safe Boat Harbour project, and pending Council approval we will call for tenders immediately. It is estimated that the project will generate 2000 jobs during construction and approximately 300 permanent jobs during operations,” said Hampton.

“Despite contrary reports that the marina will only be for rich boat owners, I can guarantee that this is a public marina, built on the condition that it does not damage Frankston beach.

“The new facility will feature public wet and dry berths, total car parking for 660 cars and trailers, and will mark an enormous improvement on boating facilities currently available in our City, along with providing genuine refuge in case of bad weather.

“The Frankston Safe Boat Harbour will also be one of the premier public boating facilities on Port Phillip Bay, attracting a significant number of visitors to Frankston. The State Government’s long term plan is for this harbour to form part of a network of similar facilities around Port Phillip Bay, opening up new tourism opportunities,” Hampton said.

The Preferred Development Model includes the following features: Regional boat ramp with five ramps and dual landings; Up to 300 permanent wet berths and up to 400 dry storage berths; Outdoor recreation facilities such as public promenades, pathways, play areas; Restaurant/café and marine related retail; Accommodation for local clubs and emergency services; and, a maximum of 60 short-stay accommodation units

Frankston City Council will take the role of Committee of Management over the area of crown land to be leased for the Frankston Safe Boat Harbour once a successful tenderer has been selected.

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Photo: This is an artists impression only, representing a possible look at the new Frankston Safe Boat Harbour.