New DIY work area at Noakes Berrys Bay

NEWS - New DIY work area at Noakes Berrys Bay

Noakes Boat & Shipyards says it has responded to boatowners’ needs by creating a new do-it-yourself work area at Berrys Bay, North Sydney, and has invested heavily to minimise the operation’s environmental footprint.

Back in the mid 1990s, Noakes said its Berrys Bay boatyard became the first EPA approved yard in Sydney Harbour, and 15
years later the company is again taking its environmental responsibilities seriously, with a recent full upgrade of its systems transforming the boatyard into a state-of-the-art facility with all waste now treated on site.

Noakes said that as well as an environmental upgrade, the site has been overhauled to make way for the new DIY work area with 8121m² now dedicated to the hardstand area.

Boatowners will be able to utilise this new DIY yard to clean, repair and antifoul their vessels using their own equipment including hose, ladder and power lead, with the water and power usage billed directly.

“Commercial yards can successfully operate alongside owners working on their own boats,” said Noakes group managing director, Sean Langman.

“While Noakes will continue to offer full slipping, maintenance and repair services including shipwright, rigging, antifouling, polishing, fabrication and spray painting, owners will have the option to reduce their costs by taking advantage of the lower day rate for the DIY area and only paying for the water and power they use.

“I believe this will be the only dedicated DIY work area in Sydney Harbour and that the expansion of the Noakes hardstand will make it one of the largest environmentally sensitive hardstand areas in Sydney,” Langman added.

The DIY work area at Berrys Bay opened for business on April 1. Meanwhile, Noakes Group said it is expanding other services to boatowners including a boat delivery scheme to entice mainland boaters, who wish to get away, to the pristine waters of the Huon River in Tasmania.

Noakes said it will soon offer interstaters boat delivery to the Kermandie Marina, Port Huon, once-a-month airport pick up and drop off, and hotel accommodation adjacent to the marina.

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